Visas for Thailand

Visa on Arrival (30 Days)
For foreigners arriving with no Visa (only certain nationalities).

Tourist Visa (60 Days)
Visa for foreigners who wish to visit Thailand for tourism purposes.Visas for Thailand

Non-Immigrant ‘B’ Visa (One Year Multiple Entry)
To conduct business, to work, to study teaching course, to work as an English teacher, to take scuba diving or boxing lessons, to work as a sport coach, to do an internship, to work as a film-producer, journalist or reporter for a short period.

Non-Immigrant ‘IB’ Visa (One Year Multiple Entry)
To invest or perform other activities relating to investment, subject to the provision of the established laws on investment promotion.

Non-Immigrant ‘ED’ Visa (One Year Multiple Entry)
To study, to come on a work study tour or observation tour, to participate in projects or seminars, to attend a conference or training course, to study as a foreign Buddhist monk.

Non-Immigrant ‘O’ Visa (One Year Multiple Entry)
To visit Thai spouse, children, parents, voluntary job, Retirement (with State Pension)

Non-Immigrant ‘O-A’ Visa (One Year Multiple Entry)
To applicants aged 50 and over who wish to stay in Thailand for an entended period without the intention of working.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( oversees immigration and visas for Thailand. Check their website or the nearest Thai consulate for specific application procedures and costs.

Visa Extensions & Renewals
If you decide you want to stay longer than the allotted time, you can extend your visa in Thailand by applying at the immigration office in Phuket. The usual fee for an extension is 1,900 Baht. Those issued with a standard stay of 15 or 30 days can extend their stay for seven to 10 days if the extension is handled before the visa expires. The 60-day tourist visa can be extended by up to 30 days. Foreign residents in Thailand should arrange visa extensions at the immigration office closest to their in-country address.

Thailand’s Immigration Offices
Remember to dress well when doing official business in Thailand and do all visa business yourself (don’t hire a third party). For visa extensions, bring along two passport-sized photos and one copy each of the photo and visa pages from your passport.

Phuket immigration office +66 (0)76 221 905
482 Phuket Road, Muang Phuket 83000
Office hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday thru Friday

Bangkok immigration office +66 (0)21 419 889
Bldg B, Bangkok Government Center, Th Chaeng Wattana
Office hours: 9am – 12pm then 1pm – 4.30pm Monday thru Friday

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