“Buy land.  They stopped making it.”  Mark Twain

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Years ago and with my first decent paying job, we decided to buy a house. This was back in Texas, 1992. Family and friend’s all agreed and said, “trust us, you need an agent.” Over the years I have found this advice valuable. The job of a Real Estate agent is to know the local market, local laws, tax laws, advise and negotiate for you. Here in Thailand it’s no different, you need an agent.

Real Estate in Thailand

Thailand has similar property laws as Western countries as the Thailand Civil Code is based on the mainland European civil law system. Thai property laws are considered Western. What makes buying real estate in Thailand more difficult and sometimes complicated only applies to non-Thai nationals.

One special type of freehold title does exist for foreigners.  The Condominium Act, where non-Thai nationals can directly and legally own in Thailand, just as they would own a freehold property in their own country. It’s called a “Condominium Freehold” title, and The Condominium Act has helped stimulate foreign property investment in Thailand.

Saturdays Condos Rawai Phuket

Currently, condominiums are the largest and fasting growing segment in Phuket. Many condominium developments are being built on the island by reputable, well established builders. These developers have developed an eye for what condo investors want and are designing their properties to match. Today, buying units in a condominium development is the easiest and most practical way to acquire freehold property in Phuket.

About Us

Welcome to ALL Phuket Condos where we focus on condominiums and specialize in “Condominium Freehold” ownership. We want to help you be an insider on investing in Phuket. We work hard to stay current on Phuket’s best developers and the newest developments. Our attention is on straightforward advise and building relationships. At ALL Phuket Condos, helping you find the best condominium investment is ALL we do.

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